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Until recently, consumer packaged goods companies could quickly build business through mass marketing. But the industry has become more complex and fragmented, and consumers are more sophisticated and selective. Today, Consumer Packaged Goods companies and Service providers need to connect with the market in new ways. Firms that accomplish this goal will be best positioned to grow revenues and profits in the new decade.

Consumer goods is a detail-oriented, execution-focused business. Decision-makers have a golden opportunity to distinguish themselves among competitors — using new technology to increase the power of direct-response marketing and to gain rich information about their customers.

Meanwhile, the usage of online printable coupons is exploding, as more retailers use them to track consumers' buying patterns and product preferences. Savvy retailers also seek better security features compared with standard at-shelf coupon options.

Some retailers still resist accepting print-at-home coupons. But with the arrival of, a game-changing development is underway, as we prove that not all print-at-home coupon technologies are created equal. With our technology, secure transactions of this currency are here to stay!

What’s so great about and its technology?

  • You can cater our Direct Response tool to your specific marketing objectives. Our unique online printable coupon technology helps you monetize your reach and apply a traceable action to each customer touch point. It's also easy to integrate into your existing campaigns.
  • You can target a specific audience with flexible delivery timing and print limits because our online printable coupons are customizable and adaptable. You can also increase your core brand usage among loyal customers or competitive brand users, increase the trial and awareness of new products, and much more.
  • You can generate repeat purchases and increase brand loyalty, as you deepen customer relationships by communicating product information, tips and ideas on new-product usage. You can also more easily identify and reward your best customers.
  • You can create smarter synergies between online and offline strategies, simultaneously boosting sales and driving offline traffic. 
  • You can have richer information about your consumers. Reliable and detailed back-end data from Couponclick online coupon programs help you better segment your customer database. This valuable data can inform and direct your other marketing efforts, enabling you to highly customize offers to your targets...and better satisfy their needs.
  • Each coupon is uniquely identified to a specific consumer with a consumer bar code and a coupon bar code. Each can be traced back to the user, discouraging fraud.

But we recognize that there’s no cookie-cutter solution!


We would like to work with you to better understand your Client’s needs and objectives, so we can better tailor our solutions, from Coupon distribution or integration to Clearinghouse/CRM services.

Contact us here and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

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