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Since online coupons were first introduced, retailers have been intrigued by their potential but concerned about security. Retailers want online viewers to move to the check-out line, but a coupon in the form of a PDF or simple alterable image exposes firms to potential fraud.

Today, retailers realize that all online coupon websites are not created equal. As usage continues to explode, marketing managers seek new ways to maximize the performance, security, distribution, flexibility and budget of their coupon programs. They know it's not enough to simply "put coupons online." Instead, they want coupons to help them track consumers' buying patterns and product preferences. They seek better security features compared with standard at-shelf options. They crave usable CRM data that helps them connect with customers, not just collect them.

Some Canadian grocery retailers and manufacturers have resisted accepting printable coupons, often because they don't believe print-at-home coupons are secure. But with the arrival of, a game-changing development is underway, as we prove that not all print-at-home coupon technologies are created equal. With our technology, secure transactions of this currency are here to stay!

What’s so great about and its technology?

  • Each coupon is uniquely identified to a specific consumer with a consumer bar code and a coupon bar code. Each can be traced back to the user, discouraging fraud.
  • You get a direct link to customers — the ability to gather rich, aggregated information on them, enhancing your CRM efforts and enabling you to create more customized promotions.
  • You have the ability to integrate into your website, Facebook fan page, e-flyer and other media.
  • We are fully integrated into Canadian portal and have access to its 9.1 million unique monthly visitors.
  • Coupons never appear on users' screens, eliminating print screen and alterations.

What can we do to help you capitalize on the growth of secure print-at-home coupons?

  • We make it easy for your store cashiers to verify our coupons, and will support you in communicating the program to your stores.
  • We work within your marketing objectives to maximize the exposure of your coupon program, using multimedia communication channels from which the consumer can access your own (or your suppliers') Couponclick coupons. Here are examples:
    • Offer as an immediate incentive to visitors who register to your e-newsletter
    • Incorporate some coupons in a special section on your websites and replicate them on a special page on (with links back to your site)
    • Integrate into your e-flyer
    • As an added value offered to join your Facebook Fan page

But we recognize that there’s no cookie-cutter solution!

We would like to hear from you so we can better understand your marketing objectives and tailor our solutions, from Coupon distribution or integration to Clearinghouse/CRM services.

Contact us here and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

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