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Website Privacy Policy

Last updated: April 15, 2009


Couponclick inc., the owner of the website, has always made the protection of privacy and the confidentiality of personal information a priority. The object of this privacy protection policy is to reveal the Company's commitment to protecting privacy, as well as the manner in which it ensures the confidentiality of the personal information that it obtains from customers.


The Company gathers the following personal information from customers:


  • Last name, first name
  • Full address
  • Telephone #

For statistical purposes

  • How did you hear about us?
  • On my next visit, I would like to see offers in categories that are of interest to me.
  • Number of people in your household
  • In future, analyses will be made to determine the rate of use of e-coupons according to consumer type.

Your preferences for future communications

  • In future, you will decide the type of media that we can use to contact you with new offers, promotions, surveys or contests. If you don't checkmark anything, undertakes not to use your information for promotional ends, but only for operational purposes.

The Company gathers personal information from its customers for the following purposes:

  • To analyze respondents' profiles to understand their needs
  • Their preferences will be used to provide them with personalized website content;
  • communicate targeted information and offers to consumers;
  • develop, improve, market, and offer products and services that meet consumers' needs;
  • enable consumers to participate in surveys directly on, or via an email from
  • enable consumers to participate in promotions and contests organized by the Company.



The Information will only be used for the specific ends stated above. The Company will not give, sell, or rent the Information to any firm or person other than companies affiliated with the Company and mandated by it for purposes of managing the Information or the Website on which it was gathered. Only personnel in the employ of Couponclick Inc. shall have access to this information.


The Information will be processed and stored in confidential and secure data banks, which are situated in a high-security location. Our Web host is PCI DSS certified.

A customer wishing to access or to request correction of his Information may do so directly online at, by clicking View My Account at any time.

Customers may also submit information change requests to the Company in writing at one of the following addresses:

By email to: ( - or -
By regular mail to:

Couponclick Inc.
1380 Joliot-Curie
Suite 810,
Boucherville, Qc, J4B 7L9

Customers who no longer wish to receive marketing or promotional messages in electronic format from the Company may change their preferences in their account, or request the change in writing at one of the designated addresses above, or by telephone by dialing 1-888-449-7678.


By providing the Information to the Company, the customer acknowledges that he has given manifest, clear and informed consent to the collection, communication or use of said Information for the specific ends stated above.


The website uses "cookies". During browsing, a cookie is deposited on the computer (Cookie file). We only capture the language and a session identifier.

This measure is to facilitate browsing during subsequent visits, and to present the customer with personalized content.


The following text constitutes an agreement between the Company and its subsidiaries and the user of this website, with respect to the terms and conditions of its use. This agreement, which is for an indeterminate term, shall take effect the moment the user enters the site.

In browsing this site, the user acknowledges and accepts all of the rules and terms of use of the site that may be issued by the Company. This agreement of use between the parties may only be modified by the Company, at its sole discretion and without notice. The Company suggests that the user reread these rules and instructions from time to time, in the event that they may have changed.

For certain contests, it is possible that the minimum contest entry age may be 18 and over.


This website is the official site of Couponclick, the owner of the Company. No other website claiming to represent the Company is authorized and the Company may not be held liable in any way for such sites.

The information contained on this website is provided for information purposes only and should in no way constitute information on which the user might base his transactions or decisions, regardless of their nature.

The Company offers no warranty as to the longevity of the site and reserves the right to terminate it at any time, at its sole discretion and without notice. The Company may not be held liable for any harm or inconvenience suffered by the termination of this site. The Company reserves the right to prohibit access to the site to any user, without notice and without cause or reason. The Company may even monitor the use of this site. This website is accessible "as is" and may not be modified by the user.


The name "Couponclick" or any appellation, logos or drawings relating to the Company and contained on this site shall constitute trademarks, whether registered or not, and are the exclusive property of the Company or used in accordance with a licensing agreement. The trademarks enumerated above are provided as an example, and such enumeration may not be interpreted as excluding any other trademark that is or shall be the property of the Company.

This website and everything it contains is protected by copyright. No user of this site may, without the written consent of the Company, reproduce, copy, publish, transmit, communicate or otherwise use the material, information or trademarks contained on this site.


No information appearing on this site may be interpreted by the user as an endorsement of these products, by the Company or by any association whatsoever, and nor may such endorsement be inferred.


In order to offer the users of this site the broadest possible range of information, the Company must call upon third parties. The Company consequently assumes no liability and offers the user no guarantee as to the actual character or accuracy of the information originating from third parties.

Moreover, the possibility of visiting another site from the Company's site does not constitute an endorsement by the Company of the content of that other site. The Company is not responsible for these other sites or the information they contain.

The user can determine whether he is still on the Company site by checking the URL address appearing at the top of the screen.


The user of this site acknowledges that any material or information that he sends via this site becomes the property of the Company, and consents to the use of said information by the Company.

The Company shall not intentionally use the name or address of the user without the latter's consent, unless otherwise indicated.

The Company makes no representation and offers no guarantee as to the confidentiality of using the Internet or email.


Although the Company makes every effort to keep the information contained on this site up to date and accurate, errors or omissions may occur.

The Company, its officers, directors, employees or agents make no representation and offer the user no guarantee as to the reliability of the information on this site and are not responsible for any loss or harm suffered by the user of the information contained on this site.

Consequently, the user of this site understands and acknowledges that he must verify all information before basing any decision on said information.

Furthermore, nothing on this site may be interpreted as constituting a declaration, guarantee, or advice of a legal or other nature.

The products advertised on this site may not be available in your area and the Company makes no representation regarding the availability of the products offered on this site.

The user browsing this site does so at his own risk and agrees not to claim otherwise. The user holds the Company harmless of all liability that may result from any and all problems or harm that the user may encounter while using this site, including but not limited to the presence of viruses or any other destructive element, even if the Company had or might be expected to have knowledge of this eventuality.


This agreement and this site are governed by the laws of Québec. Any dispute shall be submitted to a court of competent jurisdiction of the province of Québec, in the judicial district of Longueuil.

The invalidation of any provision of this agreement shall not have the effect of invalidating all other provisions. Said provision or provisions may be dissociated from the overall agreement without affecting its tenor. Non-exercise by the Company of its rights shall in no way constitute a future waiver of this right or of any of the provisions of this agreement.


The Company, its officers, directors, employees and agents may in no case be sued in connection with the use of this site and no indemnity shall be awarded to the user, since the latter is visiting this site of his own free will. Furthermore, the user agrees to compensate the Company, its officers, directors or employees for any misuse of the site by him, or for any violation of these rules and instructions. If the user suffers any harm or disagrees in any way with the practices, policies or rules of use issued by the Company, the user’s only remedy is to leave this Web site.

The Company may take legal action against any user who fails to respect the rules of use for the e-Coupons or contests. The Company may:

demand reimbursement from the user who is in violation;

refuse access to the user who is in violation by excluding him from the database and even blocking the user's IP address.


The user browsing the website of the Company is assumed to have read the terms and conditions relating to the use of this site and to have accepted its scope. Accordingly, the user takes full responsibility for his browsing and expressly releases the Company from all liability in this regard.

The use of the masculine on this site is solely for legibility purposes, and includes the feminine.

The Company hopes you will enjoy your visit to its site.

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